Air India plane catches fire midair, makes emergency landing at Delhi airport


Air India plane catches fire midair, makes emergency landing at Delhi airportDelhi: An Air India flight made an emergency landing at Delhi airport on Monday evening.

As per reports, there was a hydraulic failure due to which Airbus 320 had to land in emergency situation.

The flight had originated from Khajuraho for Varanasi and from where it took off for Delhi.

Around 130 people and crew were reportedly on board the AI flight.

Reports said that some passengers got hurt during evacuation after the flight landed at Delhi airport.

Media reports also said that fire was seen near the nose wheel of the aircraft while landing.

Hydraulic leak can lead to fire in certain situations.

“Air India flight AI 405 from Varanasi to Delhi had an emergency landing here as the pilot reported hydraulic failure. All passengers were evacuated safely, however, some 4-5 of them sustained minor injuries during evacuation,” airport sources said, as per PTI.

Meanwhile, a news channel quoted AI sources as saying that it was really not a serious emergency.

On the other hand, Minister of State, Civil Aviation, Mahesh Sharma confirmed to a TV channel that a fire was indeed reported by the AI flight.

He also confirmed that the injuries sustained by the passengers was not because of the fire but due to emergency evacuation.

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