Buying an Aircraft? Don’t Forget To Do These Pre-purchase Aircraft Inspections


The pre-purchase aircraft inspection is an essential part of aircraft buying process from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller. Therefore, it should be considered seriously. As somebody has rightly said, it is better safe than sorry, so when considering the pre-purchase inspection it is better to begin early preferably at the stage of the transaction. The early inspection will help you check the aircraft for the damages that are difficult to spot with an untrained eye, in a way, helping you to reduce aircraft related problems in the future. No doubt, this pre-purchase inspection is expensive but it will save you a lot of money in the long run, ensuring that you don’t come across any unexpected maintenance in the near future.buying-an-aircraft-dont-forget-to-do-these-pre-purchase-aircraft-inspections

So, when you decide which aircraft you want to invest in, your very next step should be looking for a service center for aircraft inspection. Once you have found it, don’t forget to include the following checklist in your pre-purchase aircraft inspection. These are some of the general items that will be included in your inspection:

    Paperwork Is Important. Check To See If Everything Is In Order!

Current registration, operating limitations, valid airworthiness certificate, current equipment list with weight and balance and pilot’s operating handbook. Also, do check engine and airframe logbooks and complete maintenance history.

    Now, Comes The Engine Inspection

Make sure it is clean and dry. Check the source of fluid leaks if any. Also, examine the corrosion or foreign object damage. The aircraft batteries must be in good condition. Analyse thrust reversers, induction and exhaust systems, tachometers/hour Meters and cylinder’s compression and take the full review of the engine maintenance program contract.

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    Next, It Is The Airframe Examination

Inspect the aircraft’s airframe for the following things: corrosion, window prism checks, leading edges, fuel tank leaks and general cosmetics and condition. The airframe inspection is really important and it should not be missed at any cost.

    Fuselage, Another Aircraft Part Which Is Worth Inspecting

Check whether all hinges, latches, and doors are in place and are rust free. Properly look for scrapes, dents, replacement panels and patches. The aircraft antennas play an important role, be assured they are properly located for the best reception and transmission. Do check the skin of the aircraft too for wrinkles or warping.

    Examining The Landing Gear

Examine the condition of tires and brakes followed by discs and rotors analysis. Also, check for leaks, the proper extension of struts and integrity of hardware. The functioning of shock absorbing system, retraction system, shimmy damper and scissor links is also important. All gear attachment points and micro switches should also be in good condition.

    Last But Not The Least, Inspection Of The Interior Of The Cabin

Get a complete check-up for operations of systems and avionics, pressurization, window shades, delamination, polarization, door seals, seat functionality and security. Test them thoroughly to avoid any emergencies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your aircraft fully inspected and save yourself from all types of future aircraft crisis.

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