Diwali Festival of Light Tour in India 2018


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Diwali festival is celebrated fully for five days with the grand celebrations on the third day in most of the places in India.

  • Festival season will start from November 5, 2018, and the day is known as Dhanteras. Here “Dhan” refers to wealth and “teras” depicts the 13th day of the lunar fortnight as per the Hindu calendar. Dhanteras is celebrated as a day of prosperity. The Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and people purchases gold. The day proceeds with the people gatherings to gamble and play cards. Many Ayurvedic doctors dedicate the day for the honor of Dhanvantari, as an incarnation of God Vishnu, for bring Ayurveda to humanity. Tamil Nadu and Kerala also have many temples dedicated to Ayurveda and Dhanvantri.

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