Flight secrets reveal why THIS part of the Airplane is the most dangerous


Plane crashes are very rare, with flying being one of the safest ways to travel.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) found that in 2016, there was an average of one accident for every 2.86 million flights.

With the odds of being killed in flight one in 11 million (compared to one in 5,000 for car accidents), many have nothing to fear regarding air travel.

Despite this, there are two moments during a flight that plane crashes are much more likely.

Plane crashes are most likely during the first three minutes and last eight minutes of the flight

Plane crashes are most likely during the first three minutes and last eight minutes of the flight.Called the Plus Three Minus Eight rule, statistically, this is the most dangerous time, according to a Ben Sherwood, author of “The Survivors Club — The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Life”.People are advised to follow the rule by not doing anything to hinder their escape, such as listening to music, taking their shoes off or falling asleep.

After that, the likelihood of a plane crash is much lower and people can relax into the flight.

plane crash statistics safety

A plane is most likely to crash during take-off and landing

It isn’t the only thing that could save a passengers life.

A yellow hook on the wing of a plane can be spotted through the plane window, which has often baffled travellers.

It has been revealed that it is used to tether ropes to in the case of an emergency landing, one to the emergency door and one to the inflatable slide.

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The two holed tool could end up saving lives..

plane crash statistics safety

Plane passengers should always listen to the safety demonstations

One cabin crew member has told the story of why he ended up quitting her job, after a plane crash fear.

A self-proclaimed psychic was onboard during one of the flight attendants trips, who screamed: “This plane is going to crash and we’re all going to f*****g die.”

They moved her to a private part of the plane, to prevent her from scaring other passengers.

What happens next is terrifying.



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