Gatwick vs. Heathrow: Guess which airport is cheaper to fly from?


Travellers can save £327 on flights to Hong Kong by choosing this airport

 Gatwick vs. Heathrow Guess which airport is cheaper to fly from

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Tourists flying from Gatwick Airport are true winners when it comes to saving money as a short-haul flight departing from the London airport is 19 per cent cheaper than at Heathrow Airport.

New research from has found that on average, travellers can save £39 on flights to Amsterdam (£108 from Gatwick, £147 from Heathrow), £43 on flights to Berlin (£107 from Gatwick, £150 from Heathrow) and £51 on flight to Istanbul (£188 from Gatwick, £239 from Heathrow).

The savings are even bigger on long-haul flights. Passengers flying to Dubai can save an average of £63 (£445 from Gatwick, £508 from Heathrow), £155 on flights to New York (£419 from Gatwick, £574 from Heathrow and £327 on flights to Hong Kong (£573 from Gatwick, £900 from Heathrow).

While Gatwick might be the most affordable option for flyers, found that Heathrow takes the popularity vote with 87 per cent of travellers searching for long-haul flights through the airport as opposed to Gatwick.

For short-haul flights, 56 per cent of searches go through Heathrow and Gatwick falls just short of this at 44 per cent. According to the travel search engine, January saw short-haul flights from Gatwick around 20 per cent cheaper than Heathrow, slightly dropping to 18 per cent in March and it’s not only short-haul flights that Gatwick are undercutting Heathrow on. In March, long-haul flights were still on average 10 per cent cheaper from Gatwick.

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But Heathrow isn’t the costliest airport for all destinations. Holidaymakers travelling to New Delhi, Manila, Sydney or Kuala Lumpur can enjoy cheaper prices than flying from Gatwick.

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