How Does This Even Happen? Woman Fails to Get Off Plane, Takes 14 Hour Multi-Stop Journey


  – A woman with dimentia arrived at her destination, but failed to get off the plane. Southwest Airlines didn’t notice. A next flight’s passengers boarded, the plane took off, and she wound up flying a total of 14 hours before winding up back in Greenville, South Carolina.

Melody Allega was looking forward to seeing her mother who was flying in from Texas. She got to GSP Airport in plenty of time for her 6:15 arrival.

“I get to baggage claim. Her bags are there, but there is no mother,” said Allega.

…Finally Allega got some answers. Dolores arrived on time to GSP, but no one from Southwest escorted her off the plane. So she stayed on while a new group of passengers loaded and then took off to Baltimore.

She started in Dallas. Here’s her routing:Woman Fails to Get Off Plane, Takes 14 Hour Multi-Stop Journey

Her second arrival in Greenvile came after midnight, “hungry and confused” although Southwest insists they bought her food.

The passenger’s daughter says this incident is “national security biting the dust” but I think that’s somewhat hyperbolic. Though I’m surprised Southwest took off with a passenger count that wouldn’t have matched the flight manifest, I fail to see how requiring terrorist to buy airline tickets is an especially effective protective measure.

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