It’s a cat-astrophe! One thing you don’t expect to see at an airport


NOW this is one way to make busy travellers ‘paws’ for thought.

It’s a cat-astrophe! One thing you don’t expect to see at an airportA man allegedly tried to put a live cat through an x-ray machine at Los Angeles Airport, and the reaction was anything but ‘pur’fect.

He had placed the cat in a regular bag, instead of a pet carrier. So when it came time to unload items from bags for inspection by the scanner, he let the cat out of the bag — literally — and placed it in one of the trays.

Witness Sara Benincasa, an author from Brooklyn in the US, detailed the gobsmacking incident on Twitter.

She claims there was hysteria, and the airport workers were not impressed by the carry-on.

Comedians Randy and Jason Sklar, from LA, also witnessed the uproar:

TSA spokesman Nico Melendez confirmed the incident, telling L.A. Weekly: “In fact it did happen”. has contacted the TSA for further comment. Oh, and apparently it isn’t the first time someone’s done this!

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