Passenger removed from flight after outfit deemed “too revealing”


Passenger removed from flight after outfit deemed “too revealing”By Vicky W.  -A 23-year old female passenger on a flight departing Siriuna International Airport has reportedly been removed from a flight bound for Europe after airline staff received a complaint about her outfit. According to reports, the passenger was wearing a dress that left little to the imagination, and several other passengers made a complaint to the flight crew about her appearance.

“Personally I thought her clothing was sensational,” said one male passenger, who refused to be named. “However, my wife thought otherwise, and she summoned the hostess to register her discomfort.” The female passenger involved in the controversy was reportedly provided with an airline-issued jacket to cover her dress, but refused to wear it, complaining that “it was too bulky and hid her excellent figure.” As a result, the flight attendants had no choice but to ask the passenger to leave the aircraft, and she complied immediately (much to the disappointment of the gentlemen sitting in adjoining seats). “I spend at least 40 hours in the gym each week,” the passenger is reported to have said as she walked down the aerobridge “It’s a pity to hide the results of my hard work!”

While she might not have been able to travel to Europe on her original flight, there was some good news for the 23-year old female passenger with reports that a wealthy canned tuna magnate at the airport offered her a lift on his private jet. This aircraft, which is rumoured to be the world’s most expensive, is one of only two currently in service that offer a full-sized Olympic swimming pool.

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