People are boycotting United Airlines following an ‘Islamophobic’ incident


United AirlinesA woman called United Airlines ‘Islamophobic’ after she was allegedly discriminated against by a flight attendant.

Tahera Ahmad, who works at Northwestern University as director of interfaith engagement, spoke last night of the ‘disgusting behaviour’ of the airplane staff.

She was on a flight last night and asked for an unopened can of Diet Coke, which the attendant refused to give her due to the airline’s apparent policy.

Ahmad then noticed the same attendant giving an unopened can of beer to someone else, and confronted her.

According to Ahmad, the attendant said: ‘We are unauthorised to give unopened cans to people because they may use it as a weapon on the plane.’

She then allegedly gave the Muslim woman a can of Diet Coke, which she immediately opened so Ahmad didn’t ‘use it as a weapon’.

Shocked, Ahmad turned to her fellow passengers to ask if they had witnessed the ‘discriminatory and disgusting’ incident.

One of them told told her ‘you Muslim, you need to shut the f**k up’, as he also believed that she could use the can as a weapon.

Ahmad then burst into tears, explaining that she’d been expecting people to defend her, but no-one had stepped up during the Islamophobic attack.

She posted about her ordeal on Facebook, and her post soon went viral.

A hashtag supporting her soon started on Twitter, with people saying that they will boycott United Airlines until it apologises:

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We tried contacting the airline repeatedly but they still haven’t responded to our request for comment, or confirmed that the incident took place. We will update the piece when we do.


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  1. The Blonde

    At this point it’s just someone’s FB post. Until it’s corroborated by other passengers I won’t pass judgment on whether or not it’s accurate. It does seem as if with her job of Interfaith Engagement she could have responded more effectively than just crying. Is Islamaphobia real? Yes. Are there some valid reasons? Yes. Sorry but that’s the sad truth. If the passengers actually said those things it’s inexcusable to be so rude but again, where’s the verification of the story? So much of this sort of stuff (on the internet) isn’t true that I’m highly skeptical.

  2. Om Namo

    Islamaphobia real …. lets ask is the ISIS BOKO HARAM type of thinking happening in other communities …. which community talks of reclaiming Islamic lands (just because they were ruled once by a Muslim) … Which community say .. Ours is the only right way Ours is the truth… your is wrong so you are an infidel so you can die … i tried this simple experiment … go to FB .. type Islam will dominate … the number of groups which keep popping up will be never ending .. try other faiths any of them it will end in one or max two scrolls … a question to ponder … it is not Islamophobia .. It is Islamoreal … it is a serious threat to world peace … I guy with a N.Bomb can launch it for just 72 virgins ,,, these fellows can wipe out other faiths given half the chance and they are doing it where ever they get the chance

  3. I.M. Pistoff

    Actually, her make-up is scarier than whatever she might do with an unopened soda can.

  4. I.M. Pistoff

    …and, i doubt that this incident, or much of anything else, could possibly be more humiliating and degrading than her chosen religion.

  5. Kippereast

    The attitude of her fellow passengers and others on social media is downright scary. Just because a few fanatics are killing some of us in the western world, while the same fanatics are killing thousands of other muslims. Did you know the worst terrorist attack in the world in 2016 happened in Bagdad, when ISIS bombed a local mall? There 382 civilians killed in that one event. I lived through the IRA bombings in the UK, and was in Northern Ireland for a short period during the “troubles”, and we never had a bomb that big blown up in any of the events. In 2016 Iraq had 6,878 deaths due to terrorism and have already had over 140 deaths in 2017, none of these numbers include military or people in the towns and villages that they are fighting over. I am not a muslim, never have been, but I am a human being and I don’t agree with the way people are treating some of our fellow human beings.
    Before the trolls get started I will say the following; politically I am more right than left; I firmly believe that new residents in a country should integrate and abide by the local laws. I do not agree with or support Sharia law or any similiar law. If an immigrant or refugee is not happy with the local conditions in their new country, do not attempt to force change on the locals. If you want change, do it through the local political system, do it legally by the majority. Otherwise if you believe things are better where you came from or in another place, go there, do not stay as you will not be happy and will make the locals unhappy. All in all, the best way to go is by integration. Wear the clothes you wish to wear, within the local laws, but do not try to force change on others or stop others from intergrating.

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