Photo showing DragonAir flight attendant striking a pose on a plane sparks controversy


Photo showing DragonAir flight attendant striking a pose on a plane sparks controversyA photo showing a female flight attendant smiling with both legs up against the back of a passenger seat was widely circulated among Dragonair staff before going viral among the general public.

Most netizens’ comments were, as expected of a more pervy nature, and focused on the appearance of the flight attendant, but many also critcised the worker, reports Oriental Daily.

Some said that the photo was against their job’s moral code and that she should not have taken personal photos while in uniform, thus disrespecting the airline.

One mocked her, saying that she was “trying to get likes on Facebook but ended up losing her job”.

The Vice-Chairperson from the Dragonair Air Crew Association, surnamed Mak, stated the person in the photo has not yet been confirmed to be a Dragonair employee as of yet.

She emphasized that the airline imposes strict rules on the behaviour of their flight attendants, and that they are not even allowed to chew gum while on board.

Mak said there are guidelines on photo-taking and believed the incident is a misconduct on the part of the individual in question. The association will continue to try to identify the person in the photo.

A spokesperson from Dragonair said that staff must adhere to their guidelines regarding image and public behavior. The company will deal with the incident in accordance with their internal guidelines and protocols.

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