Plane narrowly misses motorists in Costa Rica as it grazes airport perimeter fence


By Charlotte Krol, video source YouTube / Johnny Vega

Terrifying moment Iberia jet comes within feet of motorists as it grazes perimeter fence while landing at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria International Airport

A passenger plane came within a few feet of drivers on the ground as it grazed an airport perimeter fence while landing in Costa Rica.

Footage shows an Iberia Airbus 340 plane narrowly missing motorists as it is forced to make an alternative approach to landing due to difficult winds.

Some witnesses on the ground said the plane was so close that they could see screws on its underbelly.

According to reports, Juan Santamaria International Airport officials said it was a “controlled” and normal landing.

Watch the nail-biting moment the jet makes its nail-biting descent.

[via The Telegraph]

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