Police Find No Evidence Of Bombs On Plane At Philly Airport


Police Find No Evidence Of Bombs On Plane At Philly AirportPhiladelphia Police are now working with federal investigators to determine where the call came from. Those aboard Flight 648, 88 passengers and 5 crew members, were led off the jet.

A plane arriving at Philadelphia global Airport was evacuated Tuesday morning after the airport received a bomb threat, local media reported.

A bomb squad from the Philadelphia Police Department investigated the airplane at Philadelphia global Airport, CBS reported.

“There was nothing unsafe aboard the plane”, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan told NBC.

There were no reports of injuries.

The threats were similar to chemical weapon threats made against planes during Memorial Day last week, though authorities have deemed none of the most recent scares credible.

American Airlines/US Airways spokeswoman Victoria Lupica said that after being taken by bus to the terminal that passengers would be met by customer service representatives that would help get them to their final destination. They were reunited with their luggage and personal items and were free to go.


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