Qantas helps stranded Jetstar passengers in Bali


Two extra flights launched to repatriate Australian visitors

Qantas is launching special relief flights from Balito assist in bringing Jetstar passengers back to Australia.

Qantas helps stranded Jetstar passengers in Bali

Qantas will operate two special Boeing 737 flights from Bali to Perth

The airline will fly an empty Boeing 737 aircraft to Bali tonight (14 July 2015), which it will use to carry passengers back from Bali to Perth. Two return flights will be operated, tonight and tomorrow.

Qantas does not usually operate scheduled services to Bali, but the airline is assisting its sister carrier Jetstar, which will operate 19 flights in and out of Bali tomorrow, including four extra flights.

Together, the two airlines’ additional services will be able to bring more than 3,000 passengers back to Australia. This will bring the total number of passengers returned to Australia by the Qantas Group to more than 7,000 since Monday.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded at Bali Airport over the weekend, when the ash cloud from Mount Raung forced the suspension of flights.

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