Southwest Airlines Flight attendant leaves passengers stunned by what he said over the speaker


Southwest Airlines is well known for its lower fares and more relaxed attitude about air travel, and the video below makes it very clear why!

FlightAttendantSpeechThe flight attendant in this clip is both talented and dedicated, and he is bound and determined to give his passengers a bit of entertainment as the board the flight, find their seats and put away their bags.

This musical Southwest flight attendant named David puts on a funny, but quite professional rap version of the usual safety and introductory speech that passengers here on every single airline flight they take.

David’s rap song version covered all of the important information but presented it to passengers in a much more entertaining fashion. He began by asking the passengers on the flight to please clap their hands or stomp their feet to give him a beat to work with. Once a few passengers started up, pretty soon most of the cabin was clapping or stomping along, and David launched into his rap safety / instructional spiel.

The talented flight attendant and rap artist got a hearty and well deserved round of applause at the end of his rap monologue.

5 / 5 stars     



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