United Airlines apologizes after passengers forced to stay at Goose Bay, N.L., military base


United Airlines has apologized and offered refunds after passengers complained about having to stay at a Goose Bay, N.L. military base for 22 hours during an unscheduled stop.

Flight 958 was travelling from Chicago to London on June 12 when it was forced to make a stop in Goose Bay due to a “maintenance issue,”  according to a statement emailed Sunday. Mary Ryan, a United spokesperson, said hotel space in Goose Bay was not available and the passengers were accommodated at CFB Goose Bay and given meals.

But the 11 airline crew members were able to stay at a local hotel. United tweeted that it was necessary for the crew to be well rested in order for the flight to continue.

Infuriated customers also took to Twitter to voice their frustrations. Concerned family members of the stranded passengers tweeted that they were not receiving any information. 

@united my wife @salliecoventry is stuck in an army barracks in goose bay (ua958). What is going on. No one knows! Terrible customer service

— Jonathan Coventry (@joncoventry) June 13, 2015

Ryan said the passengers were flown to Newark, N.J., last night and put on a connecting flight which arrived at Heathrow Airport at 2:28 p.m., London time.

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“We apologize to our customers for the disruption, and we recognize this was a considerable inconvenience, so we will be refunding their tickets to London and providing additional compensation,” Ryan said.

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