What happens when flight attendants forget to disarm plane doors?


What happens when flight attendants forget to disarm plane doorsIf you were ever concerned about the effectiveness of emergency slides – don’t be, they actually work a little too well if these Twitter posts are anything to go by.

A flight attendant going by the name of @Toughmutter posted images to Twitter, showing an emergency slide that had curiously inflated onto a boarding ramp.

The image shows the slide bursting from the door, looking like a giant bouncy castle gone wrong.

The attendant who posted the Tweet, said she’d been sent the image by another flight attendant.

“It doesn’t happen too often. The flight attendant didn’t disarm the door before opening, and the second flight attendant didn’t crosscheck her so both are to blame.

“If the door had been opened from the outside, the slide would not have blown. Since the attendant opened the door from the inside, the slide was activated,” she told The Telegraph.

The plane was thought to be a British Airways Boeing 787.

“It would have been a super loud pop. Mechanics would have had to put a new slide in place of the old slide. There would have been no alarms, though, as alarms are set off by pilots or flight attendants in an emergency,” she added.

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And although it is rare for this to happen, it is not the first time. Pprune.org, a message board for professional pilots, reports that accidental emergency slide deployments happen around three to four times a year.

In July 2014, an evacuation slide inflated inside a United Airlines plane as it flew from Chicago to Southern California, USA, filling part of the cabin and prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing in Kansas.

Passenger Mike Schroeder said he was sitting in the front row of the plane when he heard a hiss and pop behind him.

Schroeder turned and saw the Boeing 737-700’s evacuation slide inflating.

“I thought to myself, ‘I hope there is no one in the restroom because if they are they’re not coming out for a long time,'” he said at the time.

The cost of replacing an inflated emergency slide is estimated to be around £13,000 (NZ$ 31,900)


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